2018 1st Quarter Goals

2017 ended up being a colossal failure with many of my goals, much to my disappointment.  Part of it was life (health issues, Pusscat also having health issue, and just a lot going on), but also, I think it is from trying to do way too much and not having enough focus.  So to that end, I’ve decided to pare down my writing life to some degree, to help me actually focus on the writing!  I’ve already left KBoards.com, as it was too much of a time sink and the more negative elements were very demotivating.  I’ve also finally accepted reality and have cancelled Anma’s Manga Minute.  The existing episodes will stay online for anyone who wants to listen to them.

As for setting my goals, I’ve decided to try something different this year. Taking a page from Jenna Moreci’s vlog, I’m going to set goals by quarter, instead of for the year.  I’ll also limit updates to each quarter, when I set the next set of goals.  I’m hoping this will help me stay more focused, look at the more immediate goal points, and maybe get more done. 😀

All that said, let’s get to the goals for the first quarter of 2018, i.e. goals to have done by the end of March.

  1. Decide if The Lackadaisical Writer will stay on the air or if I will also put it on hiatus
  2. Prune email list of non-readers
  3. Tweak the blurb of Aisuru to see if it improves AMS ad results
  4. Finish formatting Aisuru and Deviations hardback interiors
  5. Write back matter and book flap content for hardback covers
  6. Send page counts and cover content to Kerry
  7. Read at least 50 books, including at least two non-fiction and two non-manga fiction titles
  8. Revise at least two chapters of Girl in the Forest
  9. Make a decision on name change
  10. Update Patreon and website for AMM shut down, and decision on TLW, if needed
  11. Send monthly updates to list
  12. Update website to add Patreon link and to update Aisuru and Deviations features images for blog posts
  13. Continue working on sales reporting app