2018 1st Quarter Results and 2nd Quarter Goals

Holy cow, quarterly goals for the win!!! I got so much done, as in EVERY LAST GOAL!!  WOW!  This of course includes finally getting going on At Week’s End (formerly known as Girl in the Forest) revision!  Already a quarter of the way through, yasss!

In addition to those, I also got the hardback versions of Aisuru and Deviations out, so triple yay and lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!  😀

How Did I Do on the First Quarter Goals?

  1. Decide if The Lackadaisical Writer will stay on the air or if I will also put it on hiatus 
  2. Prune email list of non-readers 
  3. Tweak the blurb of Aisuru to see if it improves AMS ad results 
  4. Finish formatting Aisuru and Deviations hardback interiors 
  5. Write back matter and book flap content for hardback covers 
  6. Send page counts and cover content to Kerry 
  7. Read at least 50 books, including at least two non-fiction and two non-manga fiction titles 
  8. Revise at least two chapters of Girl in the Forest 
  9. Make a decision on name change 
  10. Update Patreon and website for AMM shut down, and decision on TLW, if needed 
  11. Send monthly updates to list 
  12. Update website to add Patreon link and to update Aisuru and Deviations features images for blog posts 
  13. Continue working on sales reporting app 

Goals for the Second Quarter (i.e. by end June)

  1. Finish setting up Zenbi Press web site
  2. Finish setting up Sherelle Winters starting site
  3. Get photos taken and create new author image(s)
  4. Update graphics on social media, websites, and Patreon as needed for transition in name
  5. Read at least 50 books, including at least five non-fiction and five non-manga fiction titles
  6. Send monthly updates to list
  7. Revise at least seven chapters of At Week’s End
  8. Get sales reporting app to beta stage
  9. Evaluate feasibility of doing shared space at Traders Village or a book festival to try selling books in person
  10. Replace headset so can use Dragon again
  11. Post hiatus episode of TLW to let listeners know what’s going on
  12. Visit meetings of the Houston RWA chapters and decide if I want to join
  13. Make shortlist of potential first releases for Sherelle Winters, or if it will be a completely new work
  14. Stretch goal: Get to the point of getting At Week’s End scheduled for sending to editor!