2018 4th Quarter Goals Results

Wow…just wow.  Suffice to say, I SUCKED in the final quarter of the year goal wise.  I only accomplished two: sending my monthly updates and winning NaNo 2018.  Broken Wing has remained untouched after I got stuck on some of the feedback and roadblocked on how to continue.  Technically I did write another book (i.e. winning NaNo), but I’d really intended that goal to be a separate title from the usual NaNo win, and I haven’t started revising anything yet.

Normally I might scramble to get those last two goals in “on time”, but I have a friend visiting from out-of-town so I won’t get back to any writing stuff until the 2nd or 3rd.   Ditto the reading goal, though I’d still fail as I only read one non-fiction book this quarter (two are in progress).  

Next year’s first quarter goals will either be in a future post or the first episode of the Lackadaisical Writer 2019 season 🙂

How Did I Do on the Fourth Quarter Goals?

  1. Read at least 50 books, including at least five non-fiction and five non-manga fiction titles
  2. Send monthly updates to list 
  3. Win NaNoWriMo 2018 
  4. Finish revision round two of Broken Wing 
  5. Release Broken Wing 
  6. Start revising or writing next book 
  7. Decide on The Lackadaisical Writer relaunch; if relaunching, prep new intro, notes, etc. 
  8. Get photos taken and create new author image(s)