Help Me Clear the Shelves!

The free version of shopping cart app I use on my site is limited to just 10 items. I can't afford to upgrade right now and I have exactly 10 now, which means I need to make room for when Broken Wing is ready to come out!

So to help clear some space in my app and on my book shelves, I'm doing a HUGE sale of all my older editions of Aisuru and Deviations!

You can now get the 1st edition paperbacks of these two titles for only $5 + shipping (and tax if in Texas)! You can also get the 2nd edition, non-series cover of Aisuru for the same price!

Want a hardback? I have three 1st editions of Aisuru left for only $8!

This is WELL below what I paid for the copies, but I need the room so I want them gone!

All editions will still be autographed and come with a free bookmark!