S6, E113: Pantser, Planner, What

With National Novel Writing Month just around the corner, it seemed like a good time to discuss what we actually mean by the terms pantser, plotter, and plantser, and which one is best for writers.



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News & Notes:

  • Broken Wing AMS ad done, sales poof
  • Trying 4TheWords and short story writing

Pantser, Planner, What?

  • Pantser/Discovery Writer – a writer who “flies by the seat of their pants”, as in they do little to no planning before they start writing; rather they just sit down and write and the story comes out as they go
  • Planner/Plotter – as the name implies, someone who does pre-planning before they begin writing, in the form of an outline or beat sheet, possibly character profiles and world-building notes, and doing some of the research they may need in advance
  • Plantser – someone who does a bit of both, they might do an outline but deviate from it as desired or perhaps build out notes as they go or write the first draft discovery, then outline the revision
  • Issues and perceptions of each and which one is best?