2020 Broad Goals and 1st Quarter Goals

I talked a bit about my broad goals in my recent podcast episode, but here is the finalized list, along with my goals for the first quarter.   Oh, and I’m introducing a new goal image for 2020 😀

Broad Goals/Targets for 2020

These are the slightly looser goals and targets that I’ll be keeping in mind as I set each quarter’s smaller, more measurable goals.  Some are a little nebulous, but that’s okay as these are not the exact goals, just “aim in this general direction” type targets, except the first one of course. 🙂

  1. Read at least 200 books (of course), with at least 10 non-fiction books and 15 non-manga fiction titles
  2. Strongly consider Write Better-Faster Beginners course
  3. Decide on the next title, get to it, and get it released!
  4. Finish 2019 NaNo novel first draft
  5. Build a habit of writing some kind of fiction at least 3 times a week
  6. 50k words or more for NaNo 2020, with bonus goal of writing at least a few hundred words every day
  7. Do more with Patreon, getting to point of adding content at least once a month
  8. Start doing vlog-style videos for YouTube channel
  9. Start doing tutorial style videos for YouTube and/or Patrons
  10. Do promo on at least Broken Wing and Aisuru
  11. Update descriptions of all my books
  12. Consider going to a writing conference

1st Quarter Goals

  1. Read at least 50 books, including at least one non-fiction and two non-manga fiction titles
  2. Decide on what next title will be and get started on finishing (if draft) or starting revision
  3. Write fiction at least once a week
  4. Work on descriptions of books
  5. Add three patron-only posts to Patreon
  6. Create at least one vlog or tutorial video for YouTube
  7. Pull together keywords for Broken Wing for potential AMS ad run