S7, E118: Tools of the Trade

In this episode, I’m sharing the various tools (i.e. software, apps, and such) that I use as a writer and publisher, as well as some of my favorite tools for the financial and business side of things!  This is a “revisit” topic, though the last time I talked about it was way back in episode 30 five years ago!



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News & Notes

  • TMS Treatment so far
  • Deviations new blurb and AMS ad
  • Writing done: 12,567 words of fiction written, mostly Sapphire’s Dragon

Tools of the Trade

I used ** to indicate any links that are affiliate or referral links; most of these are going to Amazon.com, but a few are for the actual company.  You’re welcome, of course, to just search for the item yourself.  At most, the affiliate links earn me a few cents or a bonus in the app.

Core Equipment

For broad equipment, I have a Lenovo ThinkStation desktop, a very old Dell Inspiron 17″ widescreen laptop, a Pixel 2 smartphone, and iPad Air 2 that I use for my computing needs. 🙂  



Revision and Editing

Book Formatting and Publishing

Covers and Graphics

Podcasting and Vlogging

Business and Financials


Productivity Tools