2020 2nd Quarter Goal Results, 3rd Quarter Goals

Normally this update wouldn’t happen until the end of June, but I’ve already realized most of these goals just are NOT going to happen, not between the COVID situation, my current work situation (i.e. working from home has killed a lot of my writing), and my mental health.  I could just sit and let these things taunt me another month, or just go ahead and accept this quarter is pretty much a wash and set some more reasonable goals to carry me through the rest of this quarter and into the third quarter.  I also made myself stick to just 10, for now…if I get through them, I’ll do a new post with a new list. 🙂

Of the goals I had set, exactly none of them ended up being done.  I did get a few things done that were not goals (okay, some of these aren’t even goal worthy, but I’m taking what I can get here):

  1. AMS ad ran (and still running) for Broken Wing
  2. New blurb for Deviations made and live
  3. Newsletter sent out each month (harder than it may sound this quarter)
  4. Started a new story, mostly via dictation
  5. Changed the podcast from doing live video to recorded
  6. Replaced an abandoned plug-in on the site
  7. Attended most of the weekly writer hangouts and tuned in to most of the Dead Robot’s Society live recordings
  8. Kept up with podcasts

Words of Fiction Written: 10,110

Aiming to do by the End of September…

  1. Finish cleaning up transcription from existing dictation sections
  2. Send regular newsletters for June, July, August, and September
  3. Do podcast episodes for June, July, August, and September
  4. Read at least 40 books/comics (i.e. roughly two a week)
  5. Find room in the budget to put at least a little money in the business expense category each month
  6. Attend most Wednesday writing hangouts
  7. Finish working out TLW guests ideas and actually get at least one guest
  8. Catch up on the Gaughran emails (have 4 in my inbox waiting to be read now…)
  9. Do at least some writing or editing/clean up one day a week
  10. Finish Adam Croft’s Productivity for Writers course