S7, E120: What’s Going On

This episode is all about updates on writing, my life, and the show!  It’s actually a short one for a change (relatively speaking LOL).  I tried something new with the audio as well, using my headset. Apologies for the audio, partway through it sounds like the sources doubled up or something…not sure what happened there :-/



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Writing Update:

  • 17,558 words since last episode (March 22nd)
  • Mostly dictation – still have about 5,200 words of dictated/transcribed stuff to clean

News & Notes:

  • Da hair
  • TMS final results and adding an augment with titration + Concerta
  • Working from home, the issues and consequences and how long?
  • Exercising and back to weights soon, maybe?
  • New goodies: tires, yay car warranty, video card story, Elgato
  • TLW changes planned – no more live and maybe some guests