2020 3rd Quarter Goal Results, 4th Quarter Goals

Between COVID, my mental health, the sheer fuckery that is 2020, the insanity in politics right now, and working a crap ton of overtime, this quarter went from starting pretty well writing-wise to drying up like a spigot.  I got more shorts written and a new full-length novel started, and overall I wrote a lot of words.  but that story is unfinished and hasn’t been touched at all since August 22nd.  I could have done better, really should have managed more, so I’m calling that a fail.

Likewise, I did great on attending the hangouts, until I started doing all the overtime so I’d be working when they hit and I’ve missed most of the ones since August, but in this case, I’m calling it a success because I didn’t miss due to my just skipping, but rather working. 

As for finally putting money towards the business again.  I did it!  I was putting at least $50 into the business budget category… and then this month I had to get a tree cut down, but a new A/C for my home office, and some other unexpected expenses and I ended up short in other categories.  In the end, the business budget had to be cannibalized.  So now it’s back to what’s in the business account, BUT that whole situation did make me tweak my budget to ensure the business money stays business and separate in the future. So a failed success? 

As for the reading… I’ve read 65 books this year total, so yeah… failed.  14 books read and I’m now working through a romance anthology with 11 stories in it.  As always you can follow my reading progress on Goodreads.

Words of Fiction Written: 42,934

Goals to Do by the End of September

  1. Finish cleaning up transcription from existing dictation sections
  2. Send regular newsletters for June, July, August, and September
  3. Do podcast episodes for June, July, August, and September (see related post)
  4. Read at least 40 books/comics (i.e. roughly two a week)
  5. Find room in the budget to put at least a little money in the business expense category each month
  6. Attend most Wednesday writing hangouts
  7. Finish working out TLW guests ideas and actually get at least one guest
  8. Catch up on the Gaughran emails (have 4 in my inbox waiting to be read now…)
  9. Do at least some writing or editing/clean up one day a week

4th Quarter Goals

Keeping the goals “light” with the election coming and who knows what else remaining in 2020…

  1. Write at least 50,000 words during NaNonot giving up my winning streak! 😉
  2. Read at least 20 titles
  3. Go through the Adam Croft blurb course (already paid for it, just haven’t done it)
  4. Redo at least one book blurb
  5. Determined things to do for existing works including blurbs, retitling, covers, editing, etc.
  6. Evaluate existing drafts/WIPs for potential next release

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