2021: Plans not Goals!

Normally, this would be my update on how I did with my 4th quarter goals.  And for the curious, NaNo was a success, I did the blurb course, and the rest all didn’t happen.  The quarter included my depression being worse due to a med that just didn’t work, the anxiety going up because of the same change (that’s fixed, we now know for sure Viibryd does, at least, control my anxiety well).    I also recognized and acknowledged that the goal system just isn’t working – they are set too far out, too nebulous & large, and at times overly ambitious.  So time to change things up.

Oh, before I get to that, words of fiction written in this last quarter: 53,608!

A few weeks ago, the online writing group I meet with weekly gave us some “homework”, making a PLAN for 2021, not goals.  Now I’ve never tried to just do a plan, I set goals and hope I meet them.   Breaking down the year month by month, and trying to be realistic on what I can do in a single month was difficult, but also a really good exercise. 

And so, no more quarterly goals, rather these are my plans for 2021!  Or at least the first half, as the second half sort of depends on what I do in the first half… uh, read on to see what I mean. 🙂

December 2020

  1. Finish Hawk’s Prey
  2. Adam’s Blurb course before it’s closed
  3. Website and Ecwid updates


  1. Shorts and Vignettes, select, edit, bundle, and get it out if haven’t already
  2. Get off ass and redo Aisuru’s blurb, clean up/fix keywords as needed
  3. Reread Hawk’s Prey and make an editorial map


  1. Deviations blurb and keywords redone
  2. Promo Aisuru in newsletter & social media, ads maybe
  3. Work on Hawk’s Prey revisions


  1. At Week’s End blurb and keywords
  2. Hawk’s Prey revisions
  3. Find betas for Hawk’s Prey


  1. Hawk’s Prey to beta readers
  2. Reread Broken Wing – editorial map? Fixes? Decide! – so this is the one that may need some explanation:  when I released Broken Wing, I was still struggling to write from my grief over losing my mom and how bad my depression got after; so I am not sure it is the book it should be, so I’m going to reread it and decide if I need to pull it and redo it, or if it is good and continue on
  3. Broken Wing new cover – this one needs to happen regardless…


  1. Process Hawk’s Prey feedback
  2. Broken Wing revisions?
  3. Deviations prequel? – I have an idea for a short prequel to Deviations, basically when Shinji first notices Miho and his early thoughts; it would be a bonus goodie for fans of the story if I write it


  1. Hawk’s Prey to editor
  2. If not Broken Wing, then return to writing Untitled NaNo 2019 Project
  3. Broken Wing blurb and keywords? – if it gets pulled, this will wait as well


Now, if I can stick to this plan, Hawk’s Prey, the second book in the Cascade Falls universe, could be out in July or August.  IF Broken Wing needs redoing, I will hold Hawk’s Prey until Broken Wing is ready to go, since Hawk’s Prey is set after, but otherwise, this is my game plan for the first half of 2021!