ISBNs: 978-1-949055-12-2 (Paperback) / 978-1-949055-14-6 (Hardback)
978-1-949055-13-9 (ePub)

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Young Adult Love Story

“You told me before that you’d never regret meeting me. Do you still feel that way now?”

A dying teenage girl. A reluctant prince in hiding. Can their love cause a miracle?

Sakura knows adulthood is not part of her future. In her final year of high school, her body is getting weaker and her eventual death closer. She’s accepted her fate, planned for it, cut off the world to leave no mourners behind. Until the charming yokai of her late guardian’s fairy tales turns up wounded in her garden.

She thought she knew how her life would end, but Kazuki’s arrival is throwing all her planning out the window. But is it too late for her to remember how to love, much less be loved again?

If you like modern fairy tales, strong female leads, swoon-worthy heroes, and adorable young tengu, you’ll love Anma’s tale of loss, love, friendship, and family.

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