At Week’s End

ISBNs: 978-1-949055-06-1 (Paperback) / 978-1-949055-07-8 (Hardback)

978-1-949055-08-5 (E-Book)

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EBook: $4.99
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Hardback: $24.99

Women's Fiction

"Did you come here to die too?"

When disgraced reporter Adachi Tsuguru travels to the famed Aokigahara Forest, he stumbles on a young woman just as she is preparing to end her life.  After initially rebuffing his clumsy attempts at changing her mind, she offers him a strange proposal: she will delay her suicide if he agrees to stay with her in the forest for the next seven days.

With no way to reach help, he agrees.  Hoping it will help him find a way to change her mind, he offers to record her life story, but the more he learns about her, the more of himself he's forced to reveal...

At Week's End is a coming-of-age women's fiction story alternately told between past and present. If you like strong female leads capable of taking charge of their own lives and emotional tales of mistakes and redemption, you'll love At Week's End.

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