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Kind of self-explanatory, but this one is all my goal-related posts

2021: Plans not Goals!

Normally, this would be my update on how I did with my 4th quarter goals.  And for the curious, NaNo was a success, I did the blurb course, and the rest all didn’t happen.  The quarter included my depression being worse due to a med that just didn’t work, the […]

2020 3rd Quarter Goal Results, 4th Quarter Goals

Between COVID, my mental health, the sheer fuckery that is 2020, the insanity in politics right now, and working a crap ton of overtime, this quarter went from starting pretty well writing-wise to drying up like a spigot.  I got more shorts written and a new full-length novel started, and […]

2020 2nd Quarter Goal Results, 3rd Quarter Goals

Normally this update wouldn’t happen until the end of June, but I’ve already realized most of these goals just are NOT going to happen, not between the COVID situation, my current work situation (i.e. working from home has killed a lot of my writing), and my mental health.  I could […]

2020 Broad Goals and 1st Quarter Goals

I talked a bit about my broad goals in my recent podcast episode, but here is the finalized list, along with my goals for the first quarter.   Oh, and I’m introducing a new goal image for 2020 😀 Broad Goals/Targets for 2020 These are the slightly looser goals and targets […]

2019 4th Quarter Goal Results!

With the year winding down, let’s see how I did on my fourth-quarter goals….hmm…yeah, not as good as I’d like.  Some good goals accomplished, but some failed miserably – particularly I have still not finished that sci-fi short story and I am not consistently writing fiction 3 times a week. […]

2019 2nd Quarter Results, 3rd Quarter Goals

Overall, I did really well on my goals for the second quarter.  So well, in fact, I only fully failed part of goal 1: while I read WAY more than 50 books, I did not manage to read 5 non-manga titles (just 3 with 1 in progress).  The sleep restriction […]