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Episodes released in 2013, the show’s debut year!

S1, E17: Too Me Or Not Too Me

Happy holidays! With 2013 coming to an end, I reflect a bit on the show’s growth before giving the usual news and updates. For the main topic of the show, I answer the question of “how much of myself is in my writing” as well as discuss the overheard idea […]

S1, E16: The Revision Struggle

Happy holidays! I open with a bit on the holidays, the usual news and updates, and do my cover reveal announcement. Then I talk about the revision struggle – the difficulties I experience in trying to revise Aisuru, including not giving it proper time and attention, my realization that I’m […]

S1, E15: Traditional vs Self-Publishing

In this week’s episode, I discuss traditional publishing versus self/indie publishing, including how the two processes differ and the pros/cons of each. I also discuss which I’ve chosen for myself and why, and issue a reminder to be safe regardless of which method you choose by avoiding scammers!

S1, E14: Extempore 6

In my final NaNo extempore of the year, I give my usual NaNo update, then talk about about goals, being behind, the point of NaNo, Camp NaNoWriMo, and my own struggles with staying on task, lack of self-discipline, and need for encouragement/prodding.

S1, E13: Extempore 5

This week, after my usual NaNo update, I talk about the cold snap in Texas, the awesomeness of fingerless gloves, a bit about why I love Scrivener, my dislike of crowds, a little bit of Aisuru news and plans, my acquisition of Self Editing for Fiction Writer and trying to […]

S1, E12: Extempore 4

This week’s ramblings include my NaNo update and winning, why November is my unhealthy month, swimming, and Thanksgiving. Also random inserts from PussCat and jingles from the girls’ tags when they kept shaking their heads.

S1, E11: Extempore 3

After some recording troubles, I ramble on a bit about my NaNoWriMo progress, doing a novel adaptation & how it differs from writing “my own” work, why I’m okay with not doing a new novel this year, and why I’ll do a “proper” NaNo next year. I also rant a […]

S1, E10: Ted Talk

Another mid-week episode and this time I have my very first interview! Fellow writer and NaNo enthusiast Ted Boone, one of our regional MLs, sat down with me to talk writing and NaNo. Progress Report: None, of course, still NaNo Prep! Goal: Stay on track for the first week of […]

S1, E9: It’s Not Just Words

In this rare mid-week episode, I discuss the difficult topic of online bullying and the whole response to GoodReads and other sites attempting to curb such behavior on from their users. Note: this episode does have one or two instances of “strong language”.

S1, E8: Extempore 2

In this free form episode, I chat a bit about my new PS3, my natural sleeping habits vs what I require of my body, my use of multiple alarms to try to get up, and Les Miserables. I also talk about my struggle with my brain wanting to create because […]