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Episodes released in 2013, the show’s debut year!

S1, E6: The Ten Rules of Writing Or Not

For this episode, I review Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules of writing and give my views on the idea of “writing rules” in general, and these rules specifically. Progress Report: Reorganized my chapters some, splitting up several that were too long or had different focuses; did a timeline to help me […]

S1, E5: Extempore Episode 1

For my first “extempore” episode, which will be unplanned and more free form, I talk about why my dislike of being confined brought about the need to add these kinds of episodes to the podcast. I also talk a bit about how I got through my struggles with writing a […]

S1, E4: World Setting

For this episode, I discuss how a geographical error in my first draft of Aisuru derailed my editing of chapter 10, and the pros and cons you might find when setting a story in the “real” world vs a made up one.

S1, E3: Not a Real Writer? Bull!

In this episode, I get into a bit of a rant about how some writers, critics, and readers dismiss certain writers as being “not real writers”, such as those who write romance, erotic, comics, fan fiction, and novelizations, and why that phrase irks me so much.