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S2, E48: NaNo 2014, Special 4

Next to the last of the NaNo episodes for this year, and I start by yapping about our wacky weather again before getting to the important stuff, like how I kicked butt this week and got caught up on my NaNo novel. Yeah baby! And, because the episode ended up […]

S2, E47: NaNo 2014, Special 3

Week two of NaNo is in the bag! After whining about the cold a bit, I talk about my decision to cancel Aisuru’s crowdfunding campaign, the increase in my website traffic, introduce Aisuru’s new editor, and (of course) give an update on my NaNo progress. Spoiler alert, I’m still behind!

S2, E46: NaNo 2014, Special 2

It’s the second of my NaNo episodes, so mostly short and full of updates! Starting off with the PubSlush campaign’s progress, or lack there of, and my doubts on its likely success. Then I talk about the WordPress situation some more and my continued indecision on the editing choice, particularly […]

S2, E45: NaNo 2014, Special 1

Episode 45 is now available for you to listen to! Episode Notes: First of the NaNo episodes – which will be short and primarily giving updates about Aisuru, the PubSlush campaign, and my NaNo progress; similar to an Extempore episode only with a NaNo bend Got a new microSD card […]

S2, E44: Prepping for NaNo: Monster Episode

Essentially this one is a two-for-one deal, because it’s practically two episodes in one! For the first chunk (about 40 minutes or so), it’s all about giving you updates on Aisuru. A ton of stuff is happening really fast, including Aisuru being off to editors for samples/quotes. The big news […]

S2, E43: Prepping for NaNo: Characters

For the next segment of prepping for NaNo, it’s time to talk characters! The best stories have well-developed major characters, so today I talk about some of the things that makes for compelling characters, why its important to know your characters well, and ways to get to know (and thus […]