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S2, E41: NaNo 2014 Approaches!

Back from vacation, yay! After a few quick updates on Zenbi Press and Aisuru, it’s time to talk about National Novel Writing Month, AKA NaNoWriMo AKA NaNo, including the general premise, a brief history, and starting off my NaNo prep series by talking about the initial steps for making the […]

S2, E40: Extempore 12

Today it’s a quick episode covering few personal updates, noting the next $5 penalty for being late with Aisuru’s final revision, the launch of my Zenbi Press label, and giving a fuller update on Aisuru in terms of progress and story changes. I also talk about some of my planned […]

S2, E39: On Crowdfunding

Holy cow, I went two weeks between episodes and came out with a behemoth of one – an it is mostly on topic! First I talk about my deadline failure and the video for the first $5 budget reduction, then had to give a quick shout out to my bud […]

S2, E37: Extempore 11

I’m back! Kind of a hodge podge episode today, so join me as I share various news, including my Camp NaNo results, then wade into the Amazon vs Hachette debate again. I also talk about the idea of doing a crowdfunding campaign for Aisuru, and the frustrations with the lack […]

S2, E36: Aisuru, Chapter 2

Since I’m way behind and trying to focus primarily on Aisuru this month, for today’s episode I’m reading you the second chapter of Aisuru, “Kazuki’s Reality”! Hope you enjoy and back to regular episodes in August!

S2, E35: Aisuru Special Treat

It’s getting hotter, but my garden is in bloom! After answering the question of “how to show support” for the show and my writing, I delve into today’s very special episode: a reading of the new first chapter of Aisuru!!

S2, E34: Q&A By Proxy, Part 2

Continuing on with some common questions I’ve seen in writing forums, I talk about whether or not writers should blog, choosing a TLD for your domain name (i.e. .com, .net, etc), the benefits and differences of NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo, and I get a little personal as I talk favorite […]

S2, E33: Q&A By Proxy, Part 1

After a slightly lengthy intro of life updates, including home office changes and my viewing of Shrek: The Musical, I answer a couple of common questions seen in writing forums regular. In particular, whether it is “okay” to use of real persons and existing fictional characters in your own writing, […]