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S3, E68: Extempore – Walking and Talking

For something a little different, I used the Spreaker Android app to record this episode while walking the track and discussing how exercise can help with creativity and ways of drawing inspiration from the activity and location.  Fair warning: though I cleaned up the noise quite a bit, the audio quality is still off a bit and I was breathing heavily because it’s stuffy up there and I walked over half a mile while talking 😛

S3, E65: Questions from Goodreads

After some Aisuru first month numbers updates and sales announcement, I talk briefly about Google’s search engine change before going into the main topic – answering questions from Goodreads!  Fair warning, I wasn’t feeling well while recording so I am a bit slow at the start and may have rambled a little more than usual in a few spots.  

S3, E60: Reverse Interview With Madeline 1

For a bit of a different type of guest appearance, my buddy Madeline dropped in to visit, laugh, and do a great interview with me about Aisuru!  We talk about a TON of stuff, including some inside looks into how Aisuru came about and “behind the scenes” of the story (mildly spoilerish at times).  Oh, I also do the official 2R announcement and the store release! 

S3, E58: Write. Publish. Repeat. Review, Of Sorts 1

Goofed a bit and sort of overlooked doing the episode earlier this week!  But it’s here now, so after catching you up on playing Final Fantasy X and revising Aisuru, let’s talk books!  Specifically I talk a bit about why I’m really liking the manga series My Love Story!! before going into the main topic – a full discussion/review of Write. Publish. Repeat. The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant, hosts of the Self Publishing Podcast.