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S3, E70: Cautionary Tales

In today’s episode I examined a few articles discussing particularly authors’ costs of self-publishing their books, in particularly focusing on a few that had exorbitantly high costs and at least one egregious case of someone getting taken advantage of.

S3, E69: The Sky Is Falling! Or Not…

Amazon announced a change in how they handle payouts for books borrowed Kindle Unlimited (KU)/Kindle Owner Lending Library (KOLL) and the main stream media went crazy…crazy spreading misinformation for the win!  Let’s look at what’s really going on and why this could be a good thing before poking fun at the […]

S3, E68: Extempore – Walking and Talking

For something a little different, I used the Spreaker Android app to record this episode while walking the track and discussing how exercise can help with creativity and ways of drawing inspiration from the activity and location.  Fair warning: though I cleaned up the noise quite a bit, the audio […]

S3, E65: Questions from Goodreads

After some Aisuru first month numbers updates and sales announcement, I talk briefly about Google’s search engine change before going into the main topic – answering questions from Goodreads!  Fair warning, I wasn’t feeling well while recording so I am a bit slow at the start and may have rambled a […]

S3, E64: Extempore 16

Another extempore episode this week thanks to all the overtime. More Aisuru updates, including the hardback finally being available and that hinted at Giveaway, some quick remarks on Indie ReCon, and a little internal look at dealing with professional envy.

S3, E63: Extempore 15

All over the place in this shorter episode as I give my quick opinions on my latest read, give you an update about Aisuru, try not to vent to much about the delays with the hardback, talk taxes, and hint at a potential upcoming giveaway!

S3, E61: First Launch Lessons

I am now officially a published author! Aisuru leaked out a bit early in a few places, though official it doesn’t come out until March 27th. Meanwhile my way overly tired self is reviewing some of the things I’ve learned from this first publication experience so far.