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S3, E59: Aisuru Launch Plans

Aisuru’s launch date is revealed as well as other launch details in this over caffeinated episode including formats that will be available, platforms, and potential pricing.  I also talk about some options that will not be available and why.

S3, E57: Let’s Edit! 1

Other than fawning over my new whiteboard, this episode pretty much gets right to the point (*gasp*) as I talk about how I went about finding an editor for Aisuru, what the process has been like thus far, and what’s next for Aisuru!

S3, E56: Extempore 14

With Aisuru still out in the wild, but due back soon, I’m at an in-between time with the writing so this week’s ramblingish episode features remarks about my new goodies, the new Zenbi Press logo, this weird in-between time stuff, and of course my video game playing.

S3, E55: Extempore 13

Covering a variety of topics in today’s extempore episode including the conclusion of the YouTube situation, an apology for the MailChimp snafu, the next PS3 game I’m playing (spoiler alert: Final Fantasy XIII-2), Amazon’s abandoning the Breakthrough Novel Award for the Kindle Scout program, the Sterling and Stone Colonist Summit, […]

S3, E54: Business and Taxes

First more details on the YouTube situation and my thoughts on Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (and the Chronicles release in general) then it’s on to a super fun topic: the business of indie writing and taxes!  Wait, don’t run away! I know, I know, who likes […]

S3, E53: 2R Candidates

For the start of season three, after a bit of venting on issues with WordPress and a doing plug for the newsletter, I discuss some of the potential contenders for the 2R position, i.e. my second novel to be released after Aisuru comes out in a few months. After reviewing […]