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All of my podcast episodes that originally aired in 2016

S4, E85: Eh, Why Not? Newbie Experiments

With little chance of “making it worse”, I decided to do a pair of experiments with free pulsing on Aisuru and tried out a blog tour book blitz.  This episode is all about that, after a hefty section of news and notes.  How did my experiments turn out?  Let’s see… (side note: my mentions of the episode length in the episode are “off” as I clipped out some extra babbling 🙂 )

S4, E83: Focusing on the Wrong Things (Walking Episode)

I was out walking around campus with something to say, so random walking episode!  For this episode, I talk about something I’ve noticed with fellow indies lately on focusing on the wrong things, including KU scammers and wringing out ever bit of KENP they can, rather than focusing on what is important: writing good stories, getting them to readers in the best form possible, and then doing it again.   Note: since this was recorded on my phone while walking, the audio isn’t quite as good as normal and there is the occasional jet going by 🙂