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All TLW episodes that originally aired in 2017 & 2018

The Lackadaisical Writer, S5, E104: 2018 Hiatus (Live Replay)

The Lackadaisical Writer will be officially going on hiatus, but I wanted its temporary outage to go out with a bit of a bang, so its last episode of 2018 was done live! In this episode, I share what’s happened over the last few months, my upcoming name change, the rename of Girl in the Forest, and talk about TLW’s long hiatus. The show will be offline until 2019, but it will be back better than ever in January! Support this podcast on Patron:

The Lackadaisical Writer, S5, E100: Keeping It Real

In this unscripted, personal episode, I talk openly, honestly, and at length about the things going on with my life, including the deaths in October and January, my physical and mental health, and the financial strain of both. I then talked about the plans for the future, including my plans to get the show back on track and the efforts to get back to writing again. And finally, I thanked my listeners and supporters for continuing to stick with me and being patient with my long hiatus.

S5, E98: A Return, I Hope

Been two months since I did an episode…so this one is kind of a catch up of what I’ve been up to the last few months and taking a look at my plans for the next few. News & Notes: Anma’s Manga Minute podcast art updated Aisuru and Deviations new covers and new paperback releases Deviations heading to NetGalley Smashwords Read an eBook Week, March 5-11 – both my books will be 75% off!! Website redesign! Where Have I Been? More death…computer woes, new roof, broken me The Coming Months? Primarily focusing on mild promo for Aisuru and Deviations and […]