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All the video versions of the 6th season of TLW

S6, E106: Can YA Have X? (Video)

Digging into the question of what kind of content is, and isn’t, allowed in young adult fiction! Support this podcast on Patron: News & Notes: Pup Dog The release of Langford’s Leap! This year’s trip: Vancouver! Thoughts on Tales of Vesperia Broken Wing progress Going Forward Frequent author questions of “can I have profanity in YA”, “can I have sex in YA?”, what about violence? “Sensitive topics” like mental illness, crime, racism, bullying, etc? What is YA? Examples of YA with “adult” content What matters is the who and the how! So what isn’t allowed?

S6, E105: Wait Who, What? (Video)

Catching up on what’s been going on for the last NINE months, including the name change, the launch of the video version, the launch of At Week’s End, and more! After that, it’s discussing my goals for the first quarter of 2019, and where I’m aiming to go going forward. News & Notes From Last 9 months!: Introducing Sherelle Winters 🙂 Video Stream, Now on Spotify At Week’s End released July 18th Planned and Failed Texas Book Festival appearance Depression and Anxiety updates Loss of Pusscat and Grandma Dog NaNo 2018 – Maid Maleen finally written, clocked in at 62,934 […]