Review Copies

Thank you for your interest in reviewing my stories!  I’m always happy to try to support book bloggers and other reviewers, and don’t mind providing free eBook copies of my works for review consideration to productive reviewers, within reason of course.  

Ideal reviewers will:

  • Have an established blog or other platform where they regularly review fiction books – OR – have an established reviewer history on Amazon or Goodreads
  • Read and review within the genre of book you’re requesting
  • Give honest, but polite reviews – disliking works is fine, being nasty, resorting to name calling, and just plain ugliness not so much
  • If reviews will be posted to the your blog, you must be willing to include links to buy the book being reviewed or to my book page that has the buy links on it
  • If posting on Amazon or other retailers, you must indicate you received the book free from the author per FTC requirements
  • Be able to follow the instructions on this page 🙂
  • I will give higher priority to reviewers who have a personal track record of reviewing my works, particularly with regard to giving out any printed review copies 

So if you’d like a review copy of one of my works, submit your request via this form.  Please do not email requests separately as the form has everything I need to track and respond to requests.

Titles currently available for request:

I reserve the right to decline a request for a review copy, however I generally will only do so you do not not meet one of my qualifications above,  you’ve previously received review copies but never posted the reviews (I use a two strike rule for this one), or I strongly feel you would not like the book based on your previous reviews of similar books (very rare as I generally will presume you know you will like).