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S3, E73: Going Unwide With Aisuru 4

In this week’s amazingly short episode, I talk about my upcoming plans for Aisuru, including pulling it from wide distribution to go into KDP select, cover changes, and more. News & Notes: Ran a giveaway of Aisuru onLibraryThings of eBooks in exchange for reviews; 41 people entered so 41 people won since it was 100 copies up for grabs Also sent the codes to claim to my email list subscribers 27 copies claimed, and 1 review so far; not bad considering it didn’t end that long ago Need to send one reminder with the claim links again Updated Deviations blurb on […]

Reblogged: The Great Amazon Hysteria… Part 31 | David Gaughran

Awesome post on the crazy bad reporting going on around Amazon’s change to Kindle Select and the need to cut the hysterical reactions out! “…change. Lots of it. And change can be scary – even if you seem to be benefitting from the changes that are happening. I get that. However, at this point, we should all know enough to treat media reports on Amazon (and publishing in general) with the requisite amount of skepticism. As in 100% skepticism. Patient Zero in this latest outbreak of Amazon Hysteria appears to have been The Atlantic who ran a piece on June […]

Setting Promotional Pricing Should Not Be This Painful!

In my on-going efforts to get Aisuru more visibility, I decided to run a promotion from July 6th through July 10th reducing the eBook price from the usual $4.99 price to $1.99 across all the sales platforms. One thing I have learned as an indie is that running a sales promotion can be a serious pain in the rear!  I don’t mean because I don’t want to do sales or the like, I mean getting the actual sales set in the different distribution platforms!  Seriously, most of them regularly encourage authors to have sales while making it so difficult to […]