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S3, E65: Questions from Goodreads

After some Aisuru first month numbers updates and sales announcement, I talk briefly about Google’s search engine change before going into the main topic – answering questions from Goodreads!  Fair warning, I wasn’t feeling well while recording so I am a bit slow at the start and may have rambled a little more than usual in a few spots.  

Shopping for a Shopping App 1

First off as an update on Aisuru: my offering a hardback is looking more and more like a possibility, though it may not be available on the 27th with the rest (due more to IngramSpark’s turn around times than anything else).  I’m also happy to see that I should be able to have it pretty reasonably priced, in the $19.99-24.99 range.  At least for US shoppers.  I did conversions for other countries, but honestly I have no idea what “normal” prices are so I just did it based off the US price and keeping the earnings per copy roughly equal.  

A Few Personal WordPress Plugin Recommendations

As I’ve continued working on getting my site here all nicely set up, I’ve come across various plugins available for WordPress that I think would benefit most other bloggers, so I figured I’d make a list and share it because it would have helped me when I was getting started 😉  I have seen lots of posts that are “best plugins for…” but I also noticed a lot of them seemed to just be repeating each other and the comments tended to be more generic.   So before we dive into the list, let me assure you, every last one […]

NaNo and Blog Updates

As I mentioned in my last episode, my NaNo got off to a rough start.  Yesterday, I trashed everything I’d written up to that point, just short of 3,000 words.  I’d realized I was struggling so much because I’d ignored my own inner voice that had tried to tell me how the story needed to be told. Once I apologized and fed it chocolate and began obeying said voice, I restarted Duality using a multiple first-person POV instead of the third-person I was trying to do.  That was what I needed to break the wall.  The words began flowing much […]