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S4, E91: Anma’s Manga Minute and Hakodate Hearts

Introducing my new side audio blog type project, Anma’s Manga Minute, and giving a more “formal” introduction to my Hakodate Hearts book series, including selected readings from both Aisuru and Deviations.   Fair warning: as this episode includes a reading from Deviations, it has a bit more cussing than usual 🙂 News & Notes: Computer woes – desktop video card died and laptop had to have Windows reinstall Girl in the Forest updates: feedback in, revision progress and cover progress Anma’s Manga Minute New “vlog”/blog thing about Anime and Manga! YouTube and blog only for now Check out the intro […]

S3, E79: NaNo 2015, Special #4

Belated update on my NaNo progress for the last ten days, writing my first shirt story, and I share the second chapter of Girl in the Forest News & Notes: NaNo Update – 16,933 words added plus… Wrote my first short story! Another 5,125 words Girl in the Forest snippet (Day 1, Present) Current Word Count: 42,271; story now in Day 6, evening in the present; +5,125 for Knives and the Girl

S3, E76: NaNo 2015, Special #1

Update on my progress for the first two days of NaNo and sharing the first, raw chapter of The Girl in the Forest. News & Notes: NaNo!! Introduction (for the uninitiated) Aisuru’s 99 cents sale is now underway and will continue through the 7th. As of this episode, 21 copies sold so already doing better than the last promo! Yay! A few more promo sites ran the promo on the 1st day, though still only had 3 sales total then. The rest have all been today so far. Girl in the Forest, reading of first chapter (raw!) Current Word Count: […]

S3, E72: Deviations Sneak Peek

In this episode, I’m giving you guys a better “sneak peek” at Deviations, with the first three revised chapters! News & Notes: Aisuru sent out to a few more potential reviewers Buying direct from me now means you no longer have to buy separate eBook versions! You just buy once and you get both the Kindle and ePub versions, so you can use them both or if you have one reader now but change later, no need to rebuy anything. I’ve also lowered the paperback version of Aisuru’s price when buying direct from me to $13.99! 🙂 Main Topic: Deviations […]

S3, E53: 2R Candidates

For the start of season three, after a bit of venting on issues with WordPress and a doing plug for the newsletter, I discuss some of the potential contenders for the 2R position, i.e. my second novel to be released after Aisuru comes out in a few months. After reviewing some of the more unlikely choices, I focus on my top contenders for deeper thoughts on both. This episode finishes up with a bit of a bonus – a reading of the current (very rough) first chapters of both of these options! Suffice to say, this one is a long […]