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S2, E46: NaNo 2014, Special 2

It’s the second of my NaNo episodes, so mostly short and full of updates! Starting off with the PubSlush campaign’s progress, or lack there of, and my doubts on its likely success. Then I talk about the WordPress situation some more and my continued indecision on the editing choice, particularly regarding the financial implications. Then, after doing the actual updates on my turtle-speed NaNo progress, I share the opening of the third chapter.

S2, E45: NaNo 2014, Special 1

Episode 45 is now available for you to listen to! Episode Notes: First of the NaNo episodes – which will be short and primarily giving updates about Aisuru, the PubSlush campaign, and my NaNo progress; similar to an Extempore episode only with a NaNo bend Got a new microSD card for the H1 – 8 Gig Lexar snagged at Office Max for $7 on sale! Now have 7 hours, 43 minutes of recording time, yeah! Potential round table episode in the future, but still a very tenuous idea at this stage The PubSlush campaign has begun! Currently have two supporters […]

So Much Happening At Once!

Less than 10 hours until NaNo 2014 gets underway and I start work on my woefully unprepped novel, Duality. Talk about stress? As if I didn’t have enough with NaNo, it’s also less than 10 hours until Aisuru‘s PubSlush campaign launches!! At least, I’m presuming it kicks off at midnight. Minimal goal is $2,500 with overall goal of $4,000. You can check out the campaign and, if you desire, offer support by preordering copies of Aisuru at So, as if I didn’t have enough going on with those two very big deals, I also sent the first chapter of […]