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S3, E57: Let’s Edit! 1

Other than fawning over my new whiteboard, this episode pretty much gets right to the point (*gasp*) as I talk about how I went about finding an editor for Aisuru, what the process has been like thus far, and what’s next for Aisuru!

S2, E23: Giving Feedback

In episode 21 I talked about having Alpha, Beta, and Gamma readers give you feedback, so this episode I talk about the flip side – being one of those feedback givers! So let’s look at why you should critique others work, reminders on the general principals of being a good […]

S2, E21: Alpha, Beta, Gamma

Let’s talk feedback, as in getting feedback on your work and just what the heck people mean by alpha, beta, and gamma readers! In this episode I go through what each of those means and what you can generally expect for each. I’ll also talk a bit about how to […]