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S6, E105: Wait Who, What?

Catching up on what’s been going on for the last NINE months, including the name change, the launch of the video version, the launch of At Week’s End, and more! After that, it’s discussing my goals for the first quarter of 2019, and where I’m aiming to go going forward.

2019 1st Quarter Goals

2018 started strong, but ended weak, with a lot of my final quarter goals ending in failure.  Life continued to get in the way with my own health issues, the loss of Pusscat, Grandma Dog also having health issues, and some general struggles with the writing side.  I did get […]

2018 4th Quarter Goals

Wow…just wow.  Suffice to say, I SUCKED in the final quarter of the year goal wise.  I only accomplished two: sending my monthly updates and winning NaNo 2018.  Broken Wing has remained untouched after I got stuck on some of the feedback and roadblocked on how to continue.  Technically I […]

2018 3rd Quarter Results, 4th Quarter Goals

Unfortunately, with Grandma Dog’s medical needs running $400-500/mth and finances being tight, I had to cancel my upcoming Texas Book Festival appearance 🙁   I’m really disappointed, but just couldn’t afford the initial outlay of cash or taking the gamble on whether my books would sell in person or not.  Beyond […]