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S2, E47: NaNo 2014, Special 3

Week two of NaNo is in the bag! After whining about the cold a bit, I talk about my decision to cancel Aisuru’s crowdfunding campaign, the increase in my website traffic, introduce Aisuru’s new editor, and (of course) give an update on my NaNo progress. Spoiler alert, I’m still behind!

Site Update

So, you may have noticed things look quite different around here!  Well, this afternoon I “pulled the switch” so to speak after I finished working out the final kinks with WordPress and flipped the whole site to use the WordPress platform, using the self-hosted option. This allowed me to have […]

Importing Done!

Yesterday I continued my ever-present quest to procrastinate from what I really should be doing and worked on preloading this place with all of my previous episodes.  Fortunately, I was able to flex my programming skills and whipped up a quick script to do the first part of the importing, […]

S2, E30: Behind the Scenes

After sharing a bit about my new glasses and talking about Will Weaton’s awesome post on depression, I take you on a “behind the scenes” tour of the various tools and websites I use for my writing, research, making covers, running my website, and, of course, producing this show.

S2, E28: Extempore 9

After briefly talking about the release of the season two episodes to YouTube and minor updates to the site, I give a shout out to the Self Publishing Podcast fellows ( and their Fiction Unboxed event! Then I talk some more about my continued revision struggles as I begin The […]

S2, E25: Extempore 8

In this week’s episode, I ponder whether I am too picky about editing episodes, the unintentional benefits of my main computer being down, the importance of back ups, and my continued difficulties in staying on task/schedule. I also talk about a little bit of writing news, including great rant on […]