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Manga Monday: Current Manga TBR Pile

Now that we’ve looked at the current series I’m reading, I thought I’d give a quick run through of my current to-be-read (TBR) pile of manga and light novels.  For me, the TBR pile is a book I either have a physical copy of on my shelves waiting to be read, […]

Manga Monday, 2016 Reads: Spice & Wolf

As we move into 2016, the next few issues of Manga Monday will give some quick highlights of the manga and light novel series I’m currently “reading”, i.e. the ones that I’m still buying new volumes for, either because they are on-going, the US licensors is still catching up on […]

Manga Series Finished In May

One thing I did accomplish in May is getting some reading done…a lot of reading!  According to my tracking, I read 33 books in May, predominately manga.  I finished up several series, including: Beauty Pop by Arai Kiyoko (10 volumes) Although a truly gifted hairstylist, Kiri Koshiba has no interest […]

S3, E64: Extempore 16

Another extempore episode this week thanks to all the overtime. More Aisuru updates, including the hardback finally being available and that hinted at Giveaway, some quick remarks on Indie ReCon, and a little internal look at dealing with professional envy.

S3, E63: Extempore 15

All over the place in this shorter episode as I give my quick opinions on my latest read, give you an update about Aisuru, try not to vent to much about the delays with the hardback, talk taxes, and hint at a potential upcoming giveaway!

My 2014 Reads

As you’d no doubt expect from a writer, a read – a LOT, and I have a lot of books.  There are well over 1,000 titles on my shelves and growing – I have so many books I had to put a special rider on my home owner’s insurance to cover […]

S2, E31: Lifelong Love

With so much going on, of course I have to talk a bit about SPP’s Fiction Unboxed getting underway and I finally weigh in on the Amazon/Hachette issue. Then it’s all about the awesome Reading Rainbow Kickstarter blow out and my own memories of the show and reading as a […]