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S3, E79: NaNo 2015, Special #4

Belated update on my NaNo progress for the last ten days, writing my first shirt story, and I share the second chapter of Girl in the Forest News & Notes: NaNo Update – 16,933 words added plus… Wrote my first short story! Another 5,125 words Girl in the Forest snippet (Day 1, Present) Current Word Count: 42,271; story now in Day 6, evening in the present; +5,125 for Knives and the Girl

Never Say Never: My First Short

I’ve always said that I “don’t write short fiction” at all.  That I’m too wordy and verbose and that my stories just tend to be long.  Heck, Aisuru is just over 100,000 words, Deviations is currently clocking in at 90,000 or so.  Girl in the Forest may run a little short, but I suspect once revised it will still end up being around 50-60,000 words. But then, yesterday morning I woke up from a vivid dream with this story scene in my head.  Usually when I get those it’s just a snippet and goes away before I even finish my morning […]