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S7, E118: Tools of the Trade

In this episode, I’m sharing the various tools (i.e. software, apps, and such) that I use as a writer and publisher, as well as some of my favorite tools for the financial and business side of things!  This is a “revisit” topic, though the last time I talked about it […]

S2, E30: Behind the Scenes

After sharing a bit about my new glasses and talking about Will Weaton’s awesome post on depression, I take you on a “behind the scenes” tour of the various tools and websites I use for my writing, research, making covers, running my website, and, of course, producing this show.

S1, E13: Extempore 5

This week, after my usual NaNo update, I talk about the cold snap in Texas, the awesomeness of fingerless gloves, a bit about why I love Scrivener, my dislike of crowds, a little bit of Aisuru news and plans, my acquisition of Self Editing for Fiction Writer and trying to […]