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S3, E53: 2R Candidates

For the start of season three, after a bit of venting on issues with WordPress and a doing plug for the newsletter, I discuss some of the potential contenders for the 2R position, i.e. my second novel to be released after Aisuru comes out in a few months. After reviewing […]

Site Update

So, you may have noticed things look quite different around here!  Well, this afternoon I “pulled the switch” so to speak after I finished working out the final kinks with WordPress and flipped the whole site to use the WordPress platform, using the self-hosted option. This allowed me to have […]

NaNo and Blog Updates

As I mentioned in my last episode, my NaNo got off to a rough start.  Yesterday, I trashed everything I’d written up to that point, just short of 3,000 words.  I’d realized I was struggling so much because I’d ignored my own inner voice that had tried to tell me […]