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S3, E53: 2R Candidates

For the start of season three, after a bit of venting on issues with WordPress and a doing plug for the newsletter, I discuss some of the potential contenders for the 2R position, i.e. my second novel to be released after Aisuru comes out in a few months. After reviewing some of the more unlikely choices, I focus on my top contenders for deeper thoughts on both. This episode finishes up with a bit of a bonus – a reading of the current (very rough) first chapters of both of these options! Suffice to say, this one is a long […]

A Few Personal WordPress Plugin Recommendations

As I’ve continued working on getting my site here all nicely set up, I’ve come across various plugins available for WordPress that I think would benefit most other bloggers, so I figured I’d make a list and share it because it would have helped me when I was getting started 😉  I have seen lots of posts that are “best plugins for…” but I also noticed a lot of them seemed to just be repeating each other and the comments tended to be more generic.   So before we dive into the list, let me assure you, every last one […]

Aisuru Read Through and Template Progress

Other than a rather amazing number of typos and a few corrections I need to fix some inconsistencies, I must admit, I loved this revision Aisuru enough that I read the whole thing tonight in one straight go. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, even though I know this story like the back of my hand. I can only hope others will feel the same once all the final polishing is done. Tomorrow I’ll begin that polishing process, fixing the conflicts and trying out that editing program. Hopefully it can help me re-find most of those wrong words since I […]

Site Update

So, you may have noticed things look quite different around here!  Well, this afternoon I “pulled the switch” so to speak after I finished working out the final kinks with WordPress and flipped the whole site to use the WordPress platform, using the self-hosted option. This allowed me to have nifty stuff like the Spreaker player, using Disqus for comments, adding Google Analytics, and most importantly, being able to customize this theme to my own needs.  I’ll be really playing with the design more in December, after NaNo and Aisuru’s campaign are done, but for now it should (mostly) do […]

NaNo and Blog Updates

As I mentioned in my last episode, my NaNo got off to a rough start.  Yesterday, I trashed everything I’d written up to that point, just short of 3,000 words.  I’d realized I was struggling so much because I’d ignored my own inner voice that had tried to tell me how the story needed to be told. Once I apologized and fed it chocolate and began obeying said voice, I restarted Duality using a multiple first-person POV instead of the third-person I was trying to do.  That was what I needed to break the wall.  The words began flowing much […]