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Reblogged: The Great Amazon Hysteria… Part 31 | David Gaughran

Awesome post on the crazy bad reporting going on around Amazon’s change to Kindle Select and the need to cut the hysterical reactions out! “…change. Lots of it. And change can be scary – even if you seem to be benefitting from the changes that are happening. I get that. However, at this point, we should all know enough to treat media reports on Amazon (and publishing in general) with the requisite amount of skepticism. As in 100% skepticism. Patient Zero in this latest outbreak of Amazon Hysteria appears to have been The Atlantic who ran a piece on June […]

S3, E55: Extempore 13

Covering a variety of topics in today’s extempore episode including the conclusion of the YouTube situation, an apology for the MailChimp snafu, the next PS3 game I’m playing (spoiler alert: Final Fantasy XIII-2), Amazon’s abandoning the Breakthrough Novel Award for the Kindle Scout program, the Sterling and Stone Colonist Summit, and my return to working on Deviations. And still managed to keep it short(ish)!