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S3, E69: The Sky Is Falling! Or Not…

Amazon announced a change in how they handle payouts for books borrowed Kindle Unlimited (KU)/Kindle Owner Lending Library (KOLL) and the main stream media went crazy…crazy spreading misinformation for the win!  Let’s look at what’s really going on and why this could be a good thing before poking fun at the […]

S3, E55: Extempore 13

Covering a variety of topics in today’s extempore episode including the conclusion of the YouTube situation, an apology for the MailChimp snafu, the next PS3 game I’m playing (spoiler alert: Final Fantasy XIII-2), Amazon’s abandoning the Breakthrough Novel Award for the Kindle Scout program, the Sterling and Stone Colonist Summit, […]

S2, E37: Extempore 11

I’m back! Kind of a hodge podge episode today, so join me as I share various news, including my Camp NaNo results, then wade into the Amazon vs Hachette debate again. I also talk about the idea of doing a crowdfunding campaign for Aisuru, and the frustrations with the lack […]

S2, E31: Lifelong Love

With so much going on, of course I have to talk a bit about SPP’s Fiction Unboxed getting underway and I finally weigh in on the Amazon/Hachette issue. Then it’s all about the awesome Reading Rainbow Kickstarter blow out and my own memories of the show and reading as a […]

S2, E25: Extempore 8

In this week’s episode, I ponder whether I am too picky about editing episodes, the unintentional benefits of my main computer being down, the importance of back ups, and my continued difficulties in staying on task/schedule. I also talk about a little bit of writing news, including great rant on […]