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S3, E56: Extempore 14

With Aisuru still out in the wild, but due back soon, I’m at an in-between time with the writing so this week’s ramblingish episode features remarks about my new goodies, the new Zenbi Press logo, this weird in-between time stuff, and of course my video game playing.

S2, E41: NaNo 2014 Approaches!

Back from vacation, yay! After a few quick updates on Zenbi Press and Aisuru, it’s time to talk about National Novel Writing Month, AKA NaNoWriMo AKA NaNo, including the general premise, a brief history, and starting off my NaNo prep series by talking about the initial steps for making the […]

S2, E40: Extempore 12

Today it’s a quick episode covering few personal updates, noting the next $5 penalty for being late with Aisuru’s final revision, the launch of my Zenbi Press label, and giving a fuller update on Aisuru in terms of progress and story changes. I also talk about some of my planned […]