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About the Show

The Lackadaisical Writer - LargeI launched The Lackadaisical Writer in 2013 as a way to share my indie writing journey with anyone who might be interested in my experiences.  Episodes vary widely in topic and length, but overall the show is about sharing what I’m learning as an indie author and indie publisher, i.e. my successes, my failures, and my mehs.   

I also sometimes talk craft and share snippets from my stories, both those available and sneak peaks and ones in progress.  Every November, I do a round of special episodes around NaNoWriMo of which I’m a huge fan and long time participant.  I rarely do interviews, at least so far, as I’m just not comfortable reaching out to people like that but hey, it can (and occasionally even does) happen! 🙂

Want to tune in?  You can listen to individual episodes below.  If you’d like to see the fuller show notes too, you can browse the episode archive or search for specific topics using the site’s search over to the left.  

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Have some feedback on the show? Topics you’d like to see discussed? Questions you want me to try to answer?  Feel free to drop me a line – always happy to receive positive or negative feedback, so long as it’s reasonably polite.  🙂

What’s with the name?

When I first decided to go indie and began studying “things new writers should do”, the oft-repeated advice was to have a blog.  At the time, I really didn’t want to do that as I already had two I was (badly) maintaining.  But I can talk.  I love to talk.  I talk to much!  And I can easily talk to myself for ages, especially on topics that actually interest me.  Heck, I even argue with myself at times!  

So I decided to do a podcast instead of a blog (okay, yeah, I did end up blogging now than then to…work with me here!).

The show’s name, the Lackadaisical Writer, really came about as a whim.  Seriously, it just sounded nice together, then I decided “hey, this does kind of fit you!”  I do tend to have a more lackadaisical approach to writing, and like many things that interest me I take what most might call a half-hearted effort in my publication efforts.

I’m not someone approaching writing looking for a lifetime career that pays the bills, I have one of those.  Be nice if they paid for themselves, but otherwise I don’t have to deal with the urgency some of my fellows have with their publication efforts.  That doesn’t mean I’m not serious about my books or my business, only that I have the freedom to not have it be an all-consuming part of my life.