Zenbi Press

Zenbi Press is the name of my indie publishing business, i.e. the label under which I release all of my novels.  It’s also the official business name under which I operate as an indie author.  I feel it’s important for any indie to have this, a single name under which all things financial and legal will be funneled.  It results in a clean line of separation between business and personal finances.

With the heavy influence of Japanese storytelling on my writing, it seemed only right that my business name incorporate a Japanese word.  Zenbi, like many words in Japan, has multiple meanings.

  1. “the good and the beautiful”: very fitting for my constant goal of writing stories that are enjoyable to read and beautiful explorations of all things love
  2.  “perfection”: something I strive for in all my works
  3. “consummation”: this was the final step in having my writing being more than just a pastime or hobby, it was a true declaration that I am an indie author

When it came to designing a logo for my imprint, I wanted something that reflected the meaning behind the name but was also simple with clean lines and that I felt was instantly reflective of my style of writing.  Of course, incorporating a cherry blossom, which I’ve been using as a motif in the Lackadaisical Writer’s logo and as an icon around the web, was a no-brainer.

Direct (Autographed!)

With the main logo decided, I then created a smaller version that now appears on the spines of my print releases.

Both logos incorporate modified cherry blossom vectors from Schmector.com, which graciously provides a variety of vectors free for commercial use.