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Manga Monday: Latest Reads

The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Volume 4 This series just continues to amaze me with its gorgeous artwork and compelling storyline. The fourth volume finally gives us a look into Elias past, how he came to know Lindel, and the conflicting emotions he has around Chise.    Chise also gets a good emotional boost from her dragon friend Nivel, who helps her deal with the circumstances of her past that gave her such low self-esteem.  Both characters are starting to see the issues they have communicating with each other than the needs the other can fulfill, bringing them slowly closer to […]

Manga Monday: Latest Reads (April 5th-April 24th)

Okay, really, all of these are from this weekend, because new manga shipment from RightStuf arrived!  Yay!   And as I needed a mental break, most of Saturday was spent snuggled on the sofa reading. Note: quite a few of these are later volumes, but as always, I’ve tried to avoid major spoilers 🙂 A Silent Voice, Volume 6 The penultimate volume of the series and a much anticipated one considering how volume 5 ends!  I liked how those events twisted and that this is the first volume where we truly see the world from Shoko’s point of view, as well […]

Manga Monday: Latest Reads (March 28-April 3rd)

Over the last week or so, I actually managed to get in some good reading time, yay!  Said reading included some new manga, which is an even bigger yay! Sweet Rein, Volumes 1-3 Sweet Rein came out awhile back and I initially ignored it because it was Christmas-themed and that really isn’t my thing.  However, it is also by Sakura Tsukuba, the manga-ka of one of my favorite series Land of the Blindfolded, so I decided to check out the preview and eventually added it to my wish list.  On my birthday, my sweetie and I went to Half Price […]

Manga Monday: Current Manga TBR Pile

Now that we’ve looked at the current series I’m reading, I thought I’d give a quick run through of my current to-be-read (TBR) pile of manga and light novels.  For me, the TBR pile is a book I either have a physical copy of on my shelves waiting to be read, I have out from the library, or I’ve purchased digitally (which pretty much never for manga or light novels). I’ll group multiple volumes from the same series together for sanity 😀 Spice & Wolf, volumes 11 (Side Colors II) and 12 I’m so far into this series, I’m determined to […]

Manga Monday, 2016 Reads: Manga, Part IV

At last we’re at the end of my current on-going series for 2016 (or, at least the ones in progress now).  Just two last series to cover today.  After this I’ll get back to my regular Manga Monday posts, though the format will be a little different.  😀 But first… Love at Fourteen Written and illustrated by Fuka Mizutani, the series Love at Fourteen is the newest of my series starts, in that I’ve only read one volume so far even though Yen Press is caught up with the Japanese releases.  I’m not sure if it is still on-going, though […]

Manga Monday, 2016 Reads: Current Manga Series, Part III

For this segment, of my on-going series on my 2016 reads, we’re going to look at the longer series on my TBR lists which are, with fifteen or more volumes out and all still on-going in Japan. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You Karuho Shiina’s Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You is the longest shojo series I’ve ever read (a record previously held by Fruits Basket which has 23 volumes) and it is now the third longest series in my collection since I dropped Bleach.  It began its run in Japan in 2009 and is now up to […]

Manga Monday, 2016 Reads: Current Manga Series, Part II

For today’s installment of my mini-series of series I’m currently reading/collection, I’m taking a look at two series I’m actually finishing up this week (already ordered) and the series I’ve actually only read one volume of so far.  These three are also the only three in my current reads list with primarily adult main characters, versus teens or even college age, other than The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s Elias and side characters. Happy Marriage?! Happy Marriage?! Is a shojo series from Maki Enjōji, and I believe her first to be licensed for English release.  Though it’s under Viz’s Shojo Beat label, […]

Manga Monday, 2016 Reads: Current Manga Series, Part 1

Over all, I have eleven relatively recent manga series I’m currently reading/actively collecting that I’ll be highlighting for my 2016 reads.  I decided not to include some older titles, like Fullmetal Alchemist and Ghost Hunt because of their age and, in the case of the later, it’s status being due more to the difficulty in finding volumes than anything. So cover the series better, I’ll be splitting the manga up into multiple posts, with this first one covering the three most unusual series in the list. A Silent Voice Yoshitoki Oima’s series A Silent Voice is one of the most […]

Manga Monday, 2016 Reads: Spice & Wolf

As we move into 2016, the next few issues of Manga Monday will give some quick highlights of the manga and light novel series I’m currently “reading”, i.e. the ones that I’m still buying new volumes for, either because they are on-going, the US licensors is still catching up on releases, or just that I’m catching up on buying them.  😉 The final post will note some that I’ve caught my interest and I may start reading this year. While I love light novels, at this point the only company translating and releasing them is Yen Press (which is doing […]

Manga Monday: 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters per Second is a two-volume manga written by Makoto Shinkai, based on his critically acclaimed film of the same title, with illustrations by Yukiko Seike.  He also did a novel adaptation of the same title.  The manga was released by Vertical as a single omnibus volume. I picked up this title at Half Price recently on the strength of all the praise I’d read about the film and my enjoyment of another of Shinkai’s hit films, Voices of a Distant Star.  5 Centimeters focuses on Takaki Tohno and Akari Shinohara, two elementary school kids who meet after Akari […]

Manga Monday: I Am Here!

I Am Here! is a five-volume manga series written and illustrated by Ema Toyama. For the English release, Del Rey published in two omnibus editions.  The story focuses on Hikage Sumino, a “plain” girl in the eight grade who is invisible to her classmates, almost literally!  No one seems to even remember her name, they don’t notice when she is in the room, and they most definitely do not notice how much she longs to be part of the ground and the fun around her.  The problem goes beyond school, though, with her shown having to wait hours to be served at a restaurant […]

Manga Monday: Phantom Thief Jeanne

This week I’m looking at another Arina Tanemura’s shojo series Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, also known as Phantom Thief Jeanne.  It was originally published in Japan by Shueisha from 1998 until 2000.   The seven volumes were then originally released in English by CMX Manga, which later went defunct.  I think it was the only one of Tanemura’s series not to be released by Viz Manga, until recently when Viz did a license rescue and re-released it using Shueisha’s 2013 reprint of the series, which condensed it to five volumes with higher page counts.  Viz released it under the title Phantom Thief Jeanne, with fresh translations, […]