My Tale of Insomnia

I jerked back to attention, turning my focus back to the screen in front of me.  The pixels danced in my vision, refusing to form coherent shapes until my eyes reluctantly did their task of bringing things into focus.  The blurs merged into proper words, characters really, the combinations of […]

Hakodate Hearts: Series No More

When I first released Aisuru in 2015, it was as a standalone novel.  Likewise, Deviations came out February 14, 2016, also as a standalone novel.  Then in July, I decided to package the two books, along with the upcoming At Week’s End (then Girl in the Forest) into a series.  […]

Help Me Clear the Shelves!

The free version of shopping cart app I use on my site is limited to just 10 items. I can’t afford to upgrade right now and I have exactly 10 now, which means I need to make room for when Broken Wing is ready to come out! So to help […]