2018 4th Quarter Goals

Wow…just wow.  Suffice to say, I SUCKED in the final quarter of the year goal wise.  I only accomplished two: sending my monthly updates and winning NaNo 2018.  Broken Wing has remained untouched after I got stuck on some of the feedback and roadblocked on how to continue.  Technically I […]

2018 3rd Quarter Results, 4th Quarter Goals

Unfortunately, with Grandma Dog’s medical needs running $400-500/mth and finances being tight, I had to cancel my upcoming Texas Book Festival appearance 🙁   I’m really disappointed, but just couldn’t afford the initial outlay of cash or taking the gamble on whether my books would sell in person or not.  Beyond […]

2018 1st Quarter Goals

2017 ended up being a colossal failure with many of my goals, much to my disappointment.  Part of it was life (health issues, Pusscat also having health issue, and just a lot going on), but also, I think it is from trying to do way too much and not having enough […]

2017 Goal Check: November Check In

Big to do for November was of course NaNo and I nailed it! Yay!  And the story is even complete!  I shared a few snippets with my patrons over on Patreon, if you’d like to read/hear them.  This story will likely be a private one that never gets published, but […]

2017 Goal Check: October Check In

Gotten lots of reading done anyway and have worked on the app some…writing though…yeah… Writing Projects Going Indie – Get to Launch Plan Ready Final draft by December 31st Line up beta readers Decide on related video content to create Do series of episodes on The Lackadaisical Writer related to […]

2017 Goal Check: September Check In

Actually got some stuff done for a change, including one of the big writing things, Girl in the Forest’s reread and revision plan! Though I admit, the latter ended up being a mild cheat because I’d apparently done one back in February, but with that being such a crap time, […]